Raw Day 2: A Taste of Awesome

Breakfast: Smoothie – 2 frozen bananas, 2/3 c. water

Mid morning: Tea

Snack: 1/3 c. raw almonds

Mid Afternoon: Tea (about ¼ of a medium sized container)

Dinner: Wraps – 2 pieces of ice berg lettuce, 1 tbsp of tahini, squeeze of lemon, 1/3 c. of alfalfa sprouts, 1 avocado; 1 piece of brined salmon (equivalent to a small filet); 1 piece of salmon sashimi

Evening Snack: 1 apple

I hate breakfast. I would rather have lunch, lunch, dinner. I would rather have a pizza pie, steak, pasta, can of soup, pan-fried fish – oh basically anything – for breakfast instead of your traditional “breakfast” foods. Really, who determined what “breakfast” is? It literally just means “break the fast” and, hell, I can break it with anything I want.

Today, I broke that sucker with a little taste of awesome. I love the simple things. You know, like when your favourite song just happens to come on the radio when you’re listening. Well, right up there with those things, is the frozen banana smoothie. It takes 2 frozen bananas and two-thirds of a cup of water and a blender. Simple. Easy. Delicious. It was thick and creamy and like eating ice cream for breakfast, which is notably not a breakfast food. Perfect.

Now, when the afternoon rolled around, I planned on eating my lunch after my lunch break because I had to run errands, but then I had a busy afternoon in the office and didn’t actually get to put fork to salad. Aw, shucks. A real big “aw, shucks” though. I definitely noticed the missed meal a lot more than I normally would have.

So when I got home I instantly devoured 2 lettuce wraps (similar to yesterday) and a piece of salmon gravlax.

Shortly thereafter, because a friend was in town, we went out for sushi and I had one piece of salmon sashimi. I like particular kinds of sashimi, but not being able to use soy sauce really took a lot of the pleasure out of it.

When I got home, I wanted to show off my new apple coring device so I also had an apple. And that was pretty wicked. One push… 8 perfect slices of apple.

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