Raw Day 14: A Snacker’s Favourite Day

Lunch: Wraps – 6 romaine leaves, ¼ cucumber, ½ red pepper, 3 tsp humus, ¼ c. alfalfa sprouts, 1 carrot, ½ lime; 2 brownie balls

Late afternoon: 1.5 beers; 3 brownie balls; ¼ of a sweet potato (made chips)

Supper: Taco salad – 1/3 red pepper, 1 avocado, ½ tomato, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 3-4 c. romaine, 3 tbsp red onion; taco meat – 1 c. walnuts, 1/3 c. sun-dried tomatoes, cayenne pepper

Some come for the action. Some come for the show. And some come for… the commercials. That’s right – it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I won’t lie to you. I don’t actually care about football, but there are two times a year when friends gather, beer caps are popped and that smorgasbord of deep-fried treats is unveiled all because of football. The Grey Cup and the Super Bowl. *nostalgic sigh* I just show up for the mozza sticks and commercials. Yup, I’m that person. All about that advertising.

This year, however, was obviously different.

I have to say, I was missing those lip-smacking morsels of awesome, but I made it through unscathed. I packed up some of my own “treats” which were absolutely marvelous in their own way. The brownie balls, again, were spectacular. And I gave sweet potato chips a shot which went really well. I had tried them when I was vegan and used a mandolin slicer that only has one set height and they were far too thick. Based on that experience, I didn’t think this would work out, but I used a vegetable peeler instead to make them paper-thin and it totally worked! I sprinkled them with a bit of salt and pepper and had my very own munchies!

Now… about the beer. I’ve been trying to stay away from it even though it’s a part of the exceptions just to keep that ole compass pointing closer to true raw. However, I have to admit: I love beer. I just couldn’t bring myself to uncork that bottle of wine. The first beer tasted absolutely divine and went down like a dream. The second, however, did not fare so well. About half way through, my stomach started to hurt and I stopped drinking. I’m not sure if this was due to being hungry or that the beer just wasn’t good to me after eating so clean for almost 2 weeks. Either way, I had slight stomach pains for the rest of the evening.

Tell me what you think!

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