Raw Day 15: Parsnips to the Rescue!

Breakfast: 1 c pineapple

Midmorning: Tea

Afternoon Snack: 1/3 c. almonds

Dinner: Sushi – 4 pieces of seaweed, 1 carrot, ½ red pepper, ¼ cucumber, 1 avocado, 2/3 piece of salmon gravlax; rice – 5 parsnips, 2 tbsp. cashews, 2 tbsp. soy sauce alternative; 3 pieces of tuna sashimi; 2 pieces of salmon sashimi; 1 piece of smoked salmon sashimi

Alright, I’m just going to jump right into this sucker: I’m wild about sushi.  I thought sushi would be a no-go for this challenge, but then I realized no such sacrifice was necessary. If only I had never been given that glimmer of hope…

You see, I had two obstacles to overcome. First, I needed a soy sauce replacement. This was key as I found out within the first few days that a non-sauced up piece of raw fish just didn’t quite tickle my taste buds how I’d like. Secondly, I needed to be able to make a rice-like substitute. Parsnips were the surprise hero of the night, ever so gallantly coming to my sushi-loving rescue. There are a bunch of recipes out there for parsnip rice, but I just threw it in the food processor with a couple of cashews and some soy sauce alternative and then pulsed like never before.

Where things went wrong, however, was with the soy sauce alternative. Yup, that should have been the give-away: soy sauce alternative. That’s what it was really called and it lived up to its name. It was better than no soy sauce, but it was pretty darn bad. I might have just walked away and downed another salad, but I just couldn’t. Not with sushi on the line. So I pulsed and I rolled and I sliced and I poured and I chopsticked and I ate. But I will not be having sushi again for this challenge.

[Side Note: It was another odd day at work where meetings overtook lunch and I wasn’t able to leave the office. Because I don’t pack a lunch, I had only a few almonds to quiet the hunger trolls in my belly until I got back home in the evening.]

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