Raw Day 18: Attack of the Self-Consuming, Cannibalistic Stomach

Breakfast: ½ cantaloupe

Lunch: 3 (possibly 4) frozen banana smoothie; ½ c. cashews

Mid-afternoon: 1 mango worth of dried fruit

Supper: 1 tomato; salad – 4 c. spinach, 1 c. sliced cucumber, 1 avocado, 3 sun-dried tomatoes, 1 green onion; dressing – 1 lemon, 4 sun-dried tomatoes, 1 tomato; ¼ of a piece of salmon gravlax

Evening: 1 beer; 2/3 of a mango

 Those hunger trolls I’ve mentioned earlier sprouted some mad features today. I’m talking butcher knife-like nails, chainsaw teeth and easily a doubling in size.

I’ve had this before, and it does not feel good. You know – when you’re so hungry it feels like your stomach has given up and is now eating itself? A self-consuming, cannibalistic stomach. There are times when your hunger is so overpowering that you feel like you’re going to throw up, your stomach hurts, and you don’t even actually want to eat food. That was the predicament I was in just before lunch. I tried drinking a bunch of water to tame the beasts within, but that just didn’t cut it. Even after downing lunch, my stomach was off all day and I just wanted to curl up in a ball with an entire box of pizza.

That being said, things were better in the afternoon than just before lunch. By the time I got home from work, the trolls were starting to rise again and struck before I could finish making supper. Luckily, this time they were completely satisfied and after the feast they let me be. Hurrah. But seriously, I feel so much better now (and I nailed the dressing on my salad.)

(Later) Had another broom ball match and it went pretty awesome again! We won 2-1 and I managed to knock in both our goals. Yay! My legs still got exhausted, but are totally okay as long as I keep short shifts. When I got home, I was preparing food for the next day and as I was slicing up the mango, it was just too irresistible so I dived right into it and ate most of it… absolutely delicious. No regrets.

2 thoughts on “Raw Day 18: Attack of the Self-Consuming, Cannibalistic Stomach

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