Raw Day 19: An Average Sort of Day

Breakfast: ½ cantaloupe

Midmorning: Tea

Lunch: Smoothie – 1 banana, 1/3 of a mango, some water; ½ c. of almonds and cashews; 1 mango worth of dried fruit

Supper: Salad – 1 head of romaine, 3 green onions; Dressing – 1 tomato, ¾ c. walnuts, ½ red pepper, cayenne pepper, olive oil

Well, today was a fairly good day – an impressive rebound from yesterday hunger-wise. My spirits weren’t soaring, but they were doing pretty well. I even started to read a book after working all week, which I haven’t found the desire to do for the past while, despite being an avid reader.

I’m running low on groceries, so my options were fairly limited for supper and I really just wanted to suck down a smoothie, but had to fork a salad instead. The salad itself was pretty good, even though the dressing was more like a meat sauce you would put on pasta.

Later, I worked on a project with some friends that required a lot of energy and took us right through to 1 in the morning. Not surprisingly, I was completely exhausted after such a long day and could barely get ready for bed before falling asleep. I was down and out as quick as a flash and didn’t wake for nearly 10 hours. It felt pretty awesome.

[Note: I realize the timeline probably seems off with my writing, but I generally do updates throughout the day, and then finish them off the following day. It is the following day that I actually post them to Exit Sideways. So, despite the use of words like “today,” I’m able to talk about my sleep because I do the final updates the day after.]

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