Raw Day 20: A Nearly Empty Fridge

Breakfast: ½ Cantaloupe

Lunch: 13 carrots; 5 almonds; 1 apple

Supper: Smoothie – 2 bananas, 10 strawberries, 1/5 c. frozen pineapple

 If you actually read when I ate for lunch, I know you’re thinking, “Five almonds? That’s really weird. Five?”

Well, it seems that I’ve hit a period where I have to do some pretty major adjusting. I think I’m really far behind on my calories to the point that if I start to feel slightly hungry, almost immediately I’ll become sickly hungry. I wrote about the Self-Consuming, Cannibalistic Stomach a few days ago and that’s what was starting to happen again, but luckily I was at home so I was able to get some food going before an all-out attack took me down. Even so, it was intense enough that I couldn’t bring myself to eat hardly any nuts as they made me feel like throwing up. I really don’t understand this reflex and it’s a pretty big downer since nuts would help the hunger a lot more than veggies and fruits.

So far, this sick-hungry feeling has only happened twice, but that is enough for me to realize I have to ramp up the amount of food I’m eating. So you’ll probably see more smoothies making it into my days as these are easier and I enjoy them the most.

Also odd, though… thirteen carrots? Yup. It was about a pound and a half worth. I told you I was low on groceries yesterday. Also, I finished the book I started yesterday. It was The Running Man by Stephen King (well, under his pseudonym) and I quite enjoyed it.

(Later) My dining companion surprised me with groceries… so supper was a lot more fulfilling than the head of cauliflower I was destined to feast upon without some restocking! Some acts of kindness can almost bring a tear to your eye…

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