Frozen Day 2: Time’s Up!

Temperature: -21 degrees Celsius

Time: 6:09 pm – 7:04 pm

Today’s Minutes: 55

Total Challenge Minutes: 191/3720

Well. Yesterday’s prediction hit hard and fast coming into play on just the second day: putting in 2 outdoor hours during the work week is tough.

After work I also had to pick up my broomball gear from a friend’s house since half of it pulls double duty as hockey equipment and I had a hockey game tonight. A combination of factors came into play, one of which was that I didn’t know where she lived so I had to hitch a ride from someone who did. This all ate up a bunch of time I would have used to be meandering the streets of Yellowknife. Instead, I had to wait until after this errand to make my time count.

With my gear slung over my shoulders I started the trek home. You know how it is. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always eventually find your way home. So with that strategy in mind I set out. Don’t fret. I was only a block away from a main road I’ve traveled numerous times. So not much of an all-out adventure. Surprisingly, it took me less than an hour to walk back. Unfortunately, that put me well under the 2 hours for the day. I also couldn’t linger because I had that aforementioned hockey game to get to.

Now, on days when I don’t have to worry about errands, tasks or commitments, I feel fairly confident in saying I can do it. Days with even a few commitments after work though will be really hard. It does put into perspective that old cliché people like to say about there never being enough hours in a day. Not that I would ever use a cliché. Really.

Wrapping up today, I am behind by an approximate 49 minutes or ¾ of an hour.

Tell me what you think!

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