Frozen Day 4: Indebtedness to the Time Bank

Temperature: -18.2 degrees Celsius

Feels Like: -26 degrees Celsius

Wind: SSW 12 km/hr

I’ll own up to it right up front. I’m behind even further. This is definitely becoming much more of a full-time office worker’s plight than anything else. I will use tonight as an example:

At 5 pm I get off work.

At 5:15 pm I arrive at home.

From 5:15 to 5:45 pm I am lunatic-cleaning the apartment.

At 5:48 pm people stop by to discuss a project we are working on (hence the lunatic cleaning.)

At 6:15 pm they leave and my dinner companion arrives home from work.

From 6:15 to 6:45 pm we discuss our day and the project as well as try to form a plan for tonight’s dinner, errands and the challenge.

From 6:45 to 7:05 pm I wait while my dinner/errand companion takes forever to put on boots and a jacket.

Finally, at 7:10 pm we bust open those doors and step into the crisp night air.

From 7:10 to 7:28 pm we meander our way to the grocery store for our errand. I take a long route trying to add on time, but in the end it’s extremely short.

7:28 to 7:36 pm we are inside the grocery store buying supplies to last us another day.

7:36 to 7:53 pm we walk back to the apartment.

7:53 to 8:00 pm we prepare for dinner.

8:00 to 8:30 pm we dine.

Now, at 8:30 pm most of my tasks are done for the day; however, I still need to shower. The darkness outside also doesn’t really help, especially knowing I would be on my own. So, you see, it only takes a couple of errands or tasks and my entire evening is taken up without getting much outdoor time. Some of my past challenges, though hard, were easier in the sense that I didn’t necessarily have to create time. For the food challenges, I was already going to be eating. I have also been refraining from counting the time I spend outside walking to and from work. It’s about 8 minutes each way and I make the trek 4 times a day for about 32 minutes per day. However, it feels like nickel and dime timing so I don’t count them. That may change though as 32 minutes is not insignificant.

I do have to say that by falling behind and getting into somewhat of a predicament that is going to be hard to get out of, I’m excited. I really do love a challenge. And this one just got harder.

Time: 7:10 pm – 7:28 pm and 7:36 pm – 7:53 pm

Today’s Minutes: 35

Total Challenge Minutes: 369/3720

Ahead/Behind: -111 minutes (nearly 2 hours)

Tell me what you think!

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