Frozen Day 6: Musings – Choosing a Path

Temperature: -17 degrees Celsius (morning) and -15.4 (evening)

Feels Like: -22 degrees Celsius (morning) and -23 (evening)

Wind: SSE 6 km/hr (morning) and SSW 12 km/hr (evening)

Here is the start of the comeback. I managed to put in some extra time and I’m now only just over an hour behind. I pulled the classic PB & J manoeuvre again at lunch and spent an hour roaming through old town before coming back and finishing out the work week. After work I hit the frame lake trail, eventually leaving it to just walk directly across the frozen water to pick up some hair supplies.

I have a fantastic mop of hair on my head. I mean a ferocious bundle of golden locks that could rival any lion’s mane. Now, I don’t really do much with it other than throw some hair spray in it and let it do its own thing. But the hairspray is a must. Otherwise I look like a mangy mutt. And there is only one kind of hairspray for a ‘do like mine. Upon entering the store, walking down the aisle, and finding its display tag, I learned that it was all sold out. So I left and walked the 40 minute journey back home empty-handed. Such is life.

Now, I’m going to let you in on my thoughts during the walk because I realized something – as one often does when they spend enough time unplugged and alone with their own minds. My realization started when the path I was walking on diverged for the third time. The first time a haphazard footpath branched off the main trail I kept to the well-worn, groomed path as I wasn’t certain where the newly created one lead to other than across the lake and I couldn’t be sure that it would overshoot my destination or not. The second time the path diverged, I took it. This led me across the lake and right to where I wanted to go. The third time the path looked like it could be a short cut, but rather than risk taking it and having to turn back I chose the sidewalk. The sure thing.

That got me thinking. Two-thirds of the time, I choose the safe route which leaves something unexplored, undiscovered. Perhaps this is also how I approach my life: taking risks only one-third of the time. Not horrible odds, but still leaving potential nonetheless. The thing about risks is that the stakes are high, with great loss on the table, but also great reward. I wouldn’t compare it to gambling as a person can truly evaluate the risks they take with their life and put in the work to make the outcomes successful. You know, calculated risk. After that third opportunity, however, I began to question my risk-taking. Although it is certainly calculated, I believe I err ever so slightly on the side of caution. Perhaps it is time to up the ante. After all, I’m sure we could all use a little change.

Time: 1:03 pm – 1:55 pm and 5:10 pm – 6:47 pm (time adjusted for 10 minutes inside store)

Today’s Minutes: 149

Total Challenge Minutes: 643/3720

Ahead/Behind: -77 minutes

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