Frozen Day 8: Beautiful

Temperature: -8.4 degrees Celsius

Feels Like: -12 degrees Celsius

Wind: S 7 km/hr

I have to admit this was not the March I was expecting. Last year, while the rest of the country was preparing for April’s showers, us northerners were still dealing with runny noses, frozen toes and touque-hair. This year, however, is significantly warmer. I wore snow pants today and it was just shy of completely unnecessary. They became necessary only at one point – when I plopped myself into a snow bank and just laid there looking at the sky and watching people cross a lake on foot, ski, and snowmobile.

Really, today can be summed up with one word: beautiful. Now most people, after saying such a sentence, will go off on paragraph after paragraph as to what that beauty is, thus making it moot that it could actually be summed up with a single word. Not me. I’ll leave you with the word and a single picture. Until tomorrow! Well, actually until later today since I’m also behind on putting my daily posts up.


Time: 3:26 pm – 6:15 pm (minus 10 minutes inside grocery store)

Today’s Minutes: 159

Total Challenge Minutes: 919/3720

Ahead/Behind: -41 minutes

Tell me what you think!

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