Frozen Day 10: Walking Life

Temperature: -18.7 degrees Celsius

Feels Like: -27 degrees Celsius

Wind: NW 13 km/hr

I forewent the mid-day, lunch-break, after-noon trudge today and banked my time after work instead. I crossed lakes, I sat in parks, I laid tread to sidewalk, I hiked snow-covered trails, I took wrong turns, and I even stopped and back-tracked. This was all just two hours.

The more my feet move, the more I explore, the more ground I cover, and the more paths I cross, well, the more each moment outside adds to what is turning out to be an extended metaphor for my life.

We follow paths most of the time whether they are well-groomed or not much more than a set of boot prints in the snow. Sometimes, the ice catches us off-guard and we slip; other times we fall. Sometimes we walk sure-footed and confident while sometimes we take baby steps with our arms out like airplane wings. Sometimes the journey is long, sometimes it’s short. Sometimes we take wrong turns and try to bullheadedly make it work. And sometimes it does work, but most of the time it doesn’t. Sometimes we have to just stop where we are, even if it is nowhere, shrug our shoulders and turn back. And sometimes that’s okay. There is no guarantee that the path less traveled will be more rewarding, but neither is the alternative. We will all make mistakes with the direction we choose, but we’ll always end up where we need to be so long as we keep trudging along. Our way may be filled with crazy turns or dead ends, but we’re getting somewhere. Even if that somewhere is back to where we came from. After all, sometimes we head off into the great wide open searching for something only to realize we just left it behind.

Now, sometimes we need a break. Other times we need to just be still for a while. Sometimes we focus too much on the end and not enough on the moment. Sometimes we take it all for granted and sometimes we realize everything is fleeting – from the snow beneath our feet to the lives that have interwoven with ours. And, perhaps, sometimes we over think things way too much. But then again, maybe sometimes we don’t think enough.

Time: 5:19 pm – 7:15 pm

Today’s Minutes: 116

Total Challenge Minutes: 1154/3720

Ahead/Behind: -46 minutes

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