Frozen Day 12: Let’s Talk Mileage

Temperature: -16.3 degrees Celsius

Feels Like: -24 degrees Celsius

Wind: ESE 12 km/hr

Fueled by pizza and beer, this self-propelling machine has been racking up the miles.

Let me break it down for you a bit. Almost all of my outdoor time is spent walking. So I did some google mapping and got an idea of how far my average walks have been and then compared that with the time I spent covering the distance. I’m absolutely average. I walk about 5 kilometers in an hour, so each day I’m putting in about 10 kilometers. Each day. That’s 70 kilometers in a week.

I’m all about accurate representation so I would have to say it’s probably closer to 60 or 65 since I’m not always walking. There’s music concerts and pond hockey and bench reflections and so on as well. Now, my companion is training for a marathon that’s coming up in April and has been hitting the treadmill hard. But I still clock more kilometers in a week.

It was an interesting thing to realize, but is in no way as remotely awesome as running a marathon or training for one. So I’m going to leave it at that: just one interesting fact for the day.

Time: 12:34 pm – 1:21 pm and 5:04 pm – 6:31 pm

Today’s Minutes: 133

Total Challenge Minutes: 1473/3720

Ahead/Behind: +33 minutes

Tell me what you think!

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