Frozen Days 13-15: Dancing the Time Away

Temperature: -10.3 degrees Celsius (13th) -18.2 (14th) and -27.2 (15th)

Feels Like: -17 degrees Celsius (13th) -32 (14th) and -39 (15th)

Wind: SE 16 km/hr (13th) NNW 41 km/hr (14th) and NW 17 km/hr (15th)

Snow Castle

The Snow Castle on Yellowknife Bay

Those sneaky winds have been laying low all March, but this weekend they finally made their move. What had been forecast as a gloriously marvelous sunny day on Saturday was just simply not to be. Originally it was set to be just one negative degree away from zero, and let’s get real here – that means it’s a flip-flops and shorts kind of day.

Snow Scrulptures

Snow Sculptures

Now, the day itself was full of bright sunshine, but that was just another mean trick Mother Nature played to get my hopes up. Upon stepping outside and away from the protection of the building, those winds instantly berated my poor, tender cheeks and what was once a glimpse of summer’s dawn became the midnight hour of another winter’s night.

Line Up to the Snow Slide

Waiting For A Wild Ride

So thank goodness for the trusty snow castle. I spent Saturday night dancing away to the tunes of Old Town Mondays, Gordie Tentrees and Ryan McNally and his rockabilly band. The castle walls kept that wind at bay and all the tunes kept my body grooving so I’m going to say that I managed to put one over on the spiteful side of Mother Nature. She can’t help it, you know. We all take a turn for the worse after a long winter.

Going down the snow slide

Away She Goes!

So here’s to another day and the coming spring! Unfortunately, that is also known as second winter.

Snow Castle

View From the Top

I also got to take in the delicious Sugar Shack Brunch put on by L’Association de Franco-culturelle on Sunday morning.


Time: 1:00P – 1:37P (13th) 9:16P -12:28A (14th) and 9:48A – 11:03A (15th)

Today’s Minutes: 37 + 192 + 75 = 304

Total Challenge Minutes: 1777/3720

Ahead/Behind: -23

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