Frozen Days 19-22: Putting Time in the Snowbank

Temperature: -18 degrees Celsius (19th) -15 (21st) -7.1 (22nd)

Feels Like: -23 degrees Celsius (19th) -21 (21st) -12 (22nd)

Wind: NNE 5 km/hr (19th) S 7km/hr (21st) SE10 km/hr (22nd)

There’s something that happens when you trade up concrete sidewalks lined by roadways and buildings for the path set along a lake’s edge or winding through the trees. The people are friendlier. You’re no longer just another hooded Canada Goose jacket – you are someone they have something in common with. You are a comrade with nature! A lover of the great outdoors!! An intrepid explorer becoming one with the universe!!! You boldly step away from the concrete and choose the path less commercial, the one that winds and meanders, that brings you into an uncompromised, unbroken world.

And those people on that pathway with you, when you pass them by, they lift their mitten in salutation because they understand this. They look into your eyes and say hello because, off the sidewalks, you are not just a cog in the machine, you are someone. Your journey is more often than not also your destination. Just like it is theirs.

Maybe. Or maybe I’m just projecting…

Regardless, consider this little ole idea: if the above has somewhat of an element of truth beneath its romantic, aggrandizing structure then think of what it’s like to cross paths with someone where there is no path at all, just wonderful, bountiful trees and rocks and dirt and birds and life all around. You’d probably fall in love right then and there, right? No? That’s just me?

Alright, great proclamations aside, the weather has been a real treat. I might even dare to whisper that spring may truly be on the horizon. This weekend was particularly nice and I had some company with my playtime outside which was another nice treat. After a 2 hour walk, she comments on the weather and I reply that it has been this nice all week. She didn’t even know. That’s the office dweller’s plight right there. You’re locked up inside plugging away until the day passes and then you have to hurry home to get some food in your belly and run your errands and all of a sudden that alarm clock is ringing and you’re on your way to work again. You have to make a real, concerted effort to get outside time and it’s worth it. The sun on your face, the air in your lungs, the sights before your eyes, the thoughts in your head – it’s all worth it.

Time: 1:06 – 2:05; 5:07-6:28 (19th) 11:05 -1:40; 3:30 – 4:45 (21st) 1:30 – 3:55 (22nd)

Today’s Minutes: 515

Total Challenge Minutes: 2690/3720

Ahead/Behind: +50

Tell me what you think!

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