Frozen Days 26-29: Going Out With A Bang

Temperature (*C): -7 (26th) -0.1 (27th) 1.2/-7.3 (28th afternoon/evening) -10/-4 (29th morning/afternoon)

Feels Like: -14 (26th) -4 (27th) -13 (28th evening) -15/-7 (29th morning/afternoon)

Wind (Km/hr): S19 (26th) S11 (27th) NNW 26/NNE 14 (28th afternoon/evening) NE9/S6 (29th morning/afternoon)

I couldn’t help it.

The sun was shining bright, the snow was melting and the steady sound of water running from roofs could be heard everywhere I went. My winter jacket was too heavy, too warm, too wintry-like. I forewent mitts and long johns while I worked outside. I began sweating. Despite all of this, I knew it was still too soon, but… I couldn’t help it:

When I returned home I did the one thing I do every year to celebrate the spring. I bought a six pack of Corona and limes. Then I went onto my patio in a light sweater and socks, popped the top, squeezed the lime, and said goodbye to winter.

The entire weekend stood in stark contrast to this exact weekend one year ago. It was Long John Jamboree and last year I’d steal an hour here or an hour there before the -40 degree weather forced me to seek refuge back at home. This year, however, I wore runners and a sweater. The weather hovered right around 0 and it wasn’t until I had spent nearly 5 hours enjoying the jamboree and the only open patio in the north that the chill began to take over.

This weekend was amazing. It felt absolutely incredible to spend almost all of it outside soaking up the fresh air and the warm sunshine, surrounded by people having fun. I spent Sunday just as long outside, playing in a pond hockey tournament all day. Hockey, beer, and burgers – a marvelous combination made all the better by the weather and the atmosphere. Sunday evening, as I finally went inside with the day and the action-packed weekend winding down, I added up all my time and realized I finished with 3 extra hours and 2 days early. What a wild weekend to say the least. And I don’t think I could have ended the challenge in a better way. I even have a pinkish tinge to my nose.

Time: 12:30-1:24, 5:05-6:20(26th) 1:30-2:50(27th) 1:30-5:40, 8:35-11:05(28th) 9:56-4:32(29th)

Today’s Minutes: 999

Total Challenge Minutes: 3908/3720

Ahead/Behind: Ahead by 188 minutes

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