Chin-Up Challenge Day 9: The Olympian and the Trophy Wife

When I’m on a challenge I feel kind of bad ass. Like when a friend dares you to do something outrageous, thinking there’s just no way you’d do it, but then you peel off all of your clothes and blast down main street, a streak of white lightning on an otherwise calm night. You do it. And you feel so completely bad ass in all your naked glory.

… So that’s sort of what I feel like when I’m doing a challenge, but, you know, with clothes on. Kind of.

Except that this time I don’t. As the workouts come and go, I feel more and more like I was a bit overzealous on choosing ten. One I think I can do, but ten? This is in no way a forfeit or a throwing in of the towel; it’s just the honest fact that I am completely unconfident. That being said, there’s also this part of me that really absolutely loves impossible odds because success is more than just saying you did it, but knowing you had to come so far to do it… you defy the odds.

Now, let’s put defiance aside. I’m right handed. Most people have a dominant side and without a doubt it’s my right side. My left hand just can’t get its act together. Write, draw, cut, punch, hold a fork… that left hand is about as uncoordinated as the Edmonton Oilers break out. It’s always been that way, but then two years ago I slipped, fell and broke my elbow. The broken elbowA titanium plate and a bunch of staples later, my left side just got a whole lot more weak.

I’m finding this difference to be really cramping my style. It’s like my arms are conjoined twins where one is an Olympian and the other is a trophy wife. It’s just not working out. The Olympian (right) is trying to make up for the trophy wife (left). I’m really being a jerk to that trophy wife, trying to make her do everything the Olympian does, but she always, inevitably, starts shaking and straining and gives out before the Olympian.

She also cries at night.

Just kidding, all my muscles scream at night. And throughout the day. But! In better news…. My stability ball antics were not those of a grease wrestler trying to grab a hold of another slicked up body. I actually stayed on this time and did the exercise. So yay! for small victories.

Today’s Workout

  1. Attempt an unassisted chin-up (no progress)
  2. Stick ups
  3. Jump pull ups
  4. Assisted pull ups
  5. Bent over row
  6. Reverse dumbbell fly
  7. Dumbbell wood chop
  8. Bicep curls
  9. Dumbbell squats
  10. Chest press
  11. Push ups
  12. Shoulder press
  13. Tricep overhead press
  14. Stability ball plank

One thought on “Chin-Up Challenge Day 9: The Olympian and the Trophy Wife

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