Chin-up Challenge Workout 11: What Goes Around

… and I’m back!

No, I haven’t given up on this challenge though my muscles are clearly telling me it’s hopeless (ah, but I’m stubborn!) Nevertheless, I’ve been a little absent and that was initially due to gettin’ dirty and playin’ hard. Also known as slow-pitch playoffs. We went all the way to the championship match so we were swinging bats and catching balls every day of the week and weight training got put on a serious back burner. (Don’t ask if we won the championship… just… don’t.)

Now, this playoff run was followed up with the year-end gala and while I slayed that dance floor with my teammates in a late night cardio blast, I’m sure the overall evening was partly to blame for the cold that oh so stealthily snuck into my system and put me down and out for the next while.

Though I’ve still got tissues on stand-by and the lovely taste of phlegm sticking with me through thick and thin, I put up that old chin-up bar and got down to it. While I overall feel weaker, I am slowly getting better at the controlled descent. A few more of the 30 assisted pull ups I did were actually what they were supposed to be. Not like 30 percent of them or 15 percent or… just, you know, a few more than usual. Yeah, yeah. That doesn’t mean much. But it kinda does. Or, at least, I tell myself this because everything else was even more pathetic than usual. So it goes.

And now that you’re all up-to-date, here is what you really want to know…

Today’s Workout

  1. Stick ups
  2. Assisted weighted pull ups with controlled descent
  3. Inverted row
  4. Bent over row
  5. Reverse dumbbell fly
  6. Hanging leg raise
  7. Turned out bicep curls
  8. Chest press
  9. Push ups
  10. Stability ball plank
  11. Dumbbell squat
  12. Stiff legged dead lifts
  13. Spider crawl
  14. Mountain climbers

One thought on “Chin-up Challenge Workout 11: What Goes Around

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