Workout 22: There is Always Tomorrow

The last lap is supposed to be the one where you don’t hold anything back, you give it your all, you push past what you thought you were capable of and sprint for that finish line like a formula one racer despite an empty tank that defies all logic.

I have to admit that things are wrapping up in a different fashion for me. It’s the season of winter sports and I have a heavy sportsing schedule which has put weight lifting on the back burner. I am getting a lot of cardio in, which is great, but isn’t going to lift me up and over that bar in just one week’s time. Just so you can see for yourself, this is how November starts for me:

Nov. 1: Broomball Team 1

Nov. 2: Hockey

Nov. 4: Broomball Team 2

Nov. 5: Broomball Team 1

Nov. 5: Hockey

Nov. 8: Broomball Team 1

Nov. 8 Broomball Team 2

Nov. 9 Hockey

Those aren’t typos on the 5th and 8th. That’s 8 games in 9 days… with some doubling up thrown in. And it doesn’t stop there.

As things have been busy (and look like they’re going to be staying that way) you can see why it takes me a few days to get a post up or my post is a bare-bones deal. There’s a lesson here, though, and it’s that timeless lesson about commitment. You choose your priorities and what you choose determines what is going to happen to you.

The thing is, we all set goals for ourselves – whether we write them down or acknowledge them in some way or not – and sometimes we meet them and sometimes we don’t. I had committed to detailing the journey of the chin-up challenge quest here on Exit Sideways, yet I’ve had to cop out on occasion, have fallen behind at times, or have let the details fall to the wayside. Although this particular challenge is about the feat of strength, what I do here is about more than that and when my other commitments or going-ons take precedence, it’s a different sort of failure.

But… such is life.

So, for the handful of you who follow along, I’m sorry I haven’t kept you properly engaged. There is always tomorrow. Whatever you challenge yourself to do or whatever you commit to, it’s okay if you don’t make it all the way with your follow-through. The point is that you tried and that although you can admit defeat, that doesn’t mean you’re done.

always tommorrow_edited-1
So long as you keep on trying.

  1. Partial assisted chin up
  2. Hanging leg raise
  3. Inverted row
  4. Bent over row
  5. Hanging leg raise
  6. Sit ups
  7. Dumbbell squat
  8. Chest press
  9. Dumbbell bench fly
  10. Push ups
  11. Tricep overhead press
  12. Turned out bicep curl

Tell me what you think!

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