Mind Over Mushroom Challenge, Day 12: An Unexpected Victory

It’s a busy time of year. Not the best time for undertaking a daily challenge, but of course, I’m belligerent so here we are. To help prepare for the hectic holiday life, I bought pre-made, frozen mushroom burgers.

Remember how the first round of mushroom burgers went? I figured these ones would be worse. Pre-made, processed food is just generally not as good as homemade. I do eat it, but that fact still remains. Now the picture on the box showed a burger with sliced Mushroom burger packagingPortobello mushrooms poking out from between the buns. I was conjuring up all sorts of nasty in my head when thinking about those pre-made burgers with frozen mushrooms, but then I opened the box. Lo and behold – misleading packaging! The mushrooms were actually ground up into the burger patty.

Next thing I knew, I was halfway through the burger. I was on my lunch break and doing a handful of things all at the same time which meant I wasn’t focusing on my meal very much. Perhaps this was a good thing. It allowed me to demolish that burger without a second thought.

But then, at the halfway pause, I had that second thought:


You see, I’m a raging carnivore, but my dining companion is not. So when it’s a burger night I’m having veggie burgers. I’ve gotten used to this sad state of affairs, but today – hoo boy – today things have changed. This was still a veggie burger, but it had so much more flavor (and not a dirt mushroom flavor) and it wasn’t all dried out like the usual veggie burger. Plus it was the size of a normal burger. Maybe it’s just the brand I had been eating before, but those patties pre-mushburg were tiny, flat, tasteless hunks of nothing.

Eating a mushroom burgerI just can’t believe that mushrooms, of all things, has saved me from a horribly incomplete burger life.

I do have to note that if the packaging had been more honest and true to what it really was, I probably wouldn’t have the opinion I do now. As a child I couldn’t even eat ground up mushrooms, but now I’m realizing that I absolutely can. With today’s meal the mushrooms were pretty much processed into oblivion. Which is perfect.

Today’s Fungus Feast:

Store Bought Mushroom Burgers – portobello & white mushrooms, swiss cheese, cheddar, relish, ketchup and buns

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