Dictionary Challenge Week Two: Sometimes I’m Not As Good As I Think I Am

With a title like that you know I’ve been doing some self-reflection. Most of the challenges are things I’ve never done before and some (like the dictionary challenge) I don’t think anyone has done before. Probably because everyone has better things to do. The point is that I never truly know what I’m getting myself into until I’ve embarked. With two weeks under my belt, I realize how badly I have erred in setting out the dictionary challenge parameters.Me standing next to the stack of books I read in one year.

While I’m no mathematician, I crunched a few numbers and realized that I had taken on the equivalent of a novel a week. A novel comprised entirely of definitions. Now, I have already actually done a book a week for a year challenge and, as I was ever so gently reminded, my final words on that one were: I’m glad I did it…. But I am never doing that again.

And look at that stack. That would be all dictionary. Well, half of it for a 6 month challenge.

But, this is different. In a mad haste to devour the necessary amount of pages, I have found myself speed reading, jumping ahead, and getting so focused on quantity that I didn’t even know what word I had just read the definition of. So I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m going to change the challenge parameters.

This is a tough thing for me. I always consider myself an underdog and I love the process of overcoming adversity as well as the triumph that comes with doing something I thought was borderline impossible. Sometimes the worse or harder something is the more excited I am. Such is the case now. However, I realize that I wasn’t realistic about the demands of this challenge.

The problem lies in the fact that this book is over 2 million words of reference material.

So instead of 6 months I’m extending the duration to 12 months. Which is the equivalent of reading a novel sized dictionary every two weeks. It would be like reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird or Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon every two weeks if, instead of great writing with an awesome story-line, they were pages and pages of definitions.

It’s still going to be one heck of a tough slog, but I might stand a fighting chance. No matter what happens time-wise, I am going to read the entire dictionary. It might take me a year, it might take me 2 years, or it might (though highly unlikely) take me less than a year. But I will read it all.

And I will be the smartest person in the world! Mwahahaha!

Yeah. Right.

Anyways, feel free to let me know what you think about my changing of the game. I hope my acceptance of reality trumps any disappointment anyone feels. You can hit me up on facebook, twitter, or in the comments.

Week Two Stats

Starting word: Acidify                    Ending word: Ahmadabad

Pages: 11-26                                    Total Pages: 26/1815

Ahead/Behind: -44 pages

Tell me what you think!

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