Dictionary Challenge Weeks 8-12: I’m Back! Behind! And still on B!

I’m back at it! Sorry for leaving you, my few fans, high and dry.

So I’ve had a couple of goose eggs on the scoreboard for Weeks 8 and 9, plus a poor showing for weeks 10, 11, and 12. But I swear I haven’t been bone-idle (utterly idle or lazy), instead I have been becoming a bon vivant! (A person indulging in good living) Although, I do feel like a bit of a boob (A foolish or stupid person) now that I am over 200 hundred pages behind. But I swear I am coming back to my bookish (studious, fond of reading) ways.

You see, I’ve made the great trek across the Country, leaving behind the brass monkey (used to indicate extreme cold) of the sub-arctic for the blazing heat of the Okanagan… A place where my once prized wild lion’s mane is now far too bouffant. (Puffed out) I can actually feel my hair sweating. Okay. Maybe not. But, you know, still. It’s hot rocking this much hair.

Anyways! Let’s not dwell on my shortcomings. I have finally settled down and I’m ready to make the greatest comeback of the year.  I’ll leave no word unread! No definition unseen! I will toss caution to the wind and read in the dark! I will pour over these pages leaving no page un-turned! I… well… to put it simply – I’m just going to read. A lot.

Now, even though I haven’t turned a lot of pages over the last few weeks, I still have a great line up for you:

  1. Boondoggle: work of little or no value done merely to appear busy
  2. Brand new: completely or obviously new
  3. Bomblet: a very small bomb
  4. Brainpan: the skull
  5. Bone Shaker: a type of bike with solid tires. 2. A decrepit or uncomfortable old vehicle
  6. Blind pig: an illegal bar
  7. Boff: have sexual intercourse with
  8. Blue tit: A common European bird, Parus Caeruleus, with a distinct blue crest on a black and white head

Oh boy! Where to start, right? For those following along, you know I have a soft spot for goofy sounding words and we all know boondoggle fits the bill. Plus, I feel like no word and definition pairing could be better. (Okay, okay. Maybe there’s a lot of ties for first place) So, we’ve all been there. Boondoggling the day away ‘cause it’s slow at work but you’ve still got to put in your 9-5 to bring home the bacon. At least when you’re stuck there, you can get some slight enjoyment using the word boondoggle.

[Side note: most of my top picks usually get smacked with a searing red line of spelling shame because Microsoft Word clearly doesn’t have the same standards as the Oxford Dictionary when it comes to words in their reserve. But. Boondoggle isn’t getting flagged by spell check. It’s a legitimate word recognized not only by Oxford, but also Microsoft Word. I’m surprised.]

[Side, Side Note: WordPress isn’t as up to speed.]

Next, I want to make fun of brand new. This gets used everywhere, especially in advertising. (And yeah, I totally use it as an intensifier too.) But it’s ridiculous. If something is new – then it’s new. You can’t have newer than new. It’s like infinity. You can’t have an infinity of infinity. This isn’t inception here. Similarly, I find somewhat of an issue with bomblet…. a tiny bomb is still “a container with explosive, incendiary material…” that is designed to destroy! It sounds cute, but it could kill you.

With the next word, we’re back  on the positive side of things. How awesome is brainpan? A few years back I was racing a kamikaze down a black diamond run and due to my competitive nature, when I wiped out, I smashed my brainpan on the ice and got a concussion. Which really sucked, but could have been made so much better by getting to make the brainpan reference.

The next two words are so bad ass. Well, if they were bar or store names. If I owned a bike shop I would definitely call it Bone Shaker and completely ignore the second sense of the word. But maybe I’ll own a bar, in which case I would obviously call it the Blind Pig even though I’m sure I’d run a legal business…. (Okay, actually… on this subject, I perhaps already operated a Blind Pig when I was in my youthful University days. Just for two nights… but that is something I will neither confirm, nor deny.)

Now that we’ve covered libations, let’s talk about sex. Who is ever going to say “I boff with Suzanne”? I’m sure she’s nice, but… boff? It reminds me of Road Trip with DJ Qualls where he says “I boinked her”. At the bottom, I posted a poor quality video I found of that scene so you can see how bogus it is to use the word boink or boff sexually.

A Blue Tit

And now we’re at the final word. Blue tit. You may have heard of blue balls. Well. Blue tit is nothing like that. So get your mind out of the gutter.

That’s it for covering the last 5 weeks of this challenge. As a bonus for sticking around while I went on somewhat of a hiatus, I’m going to put something up after the weekend where you get to watch me try to prove my newfound knowledge. So stay posted for that.

Week 8 Stats: N/A

Week 9 Stats: N/A

Week 10 Stats:

­­­­­­­­­Starting Word: biweekly        Ending Word: blow

Total Pages 158/1815             Ahead/Behind: – 197

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Week 11 Stats:

Starting Word: blow               Ending Word: bona fides

Total Pages 166/1815             Ahead/Behind: – 224

Week 12 Stats:

Starting Word: Bonaire          Ending Word: breakbeat

Total Pages 183/1815             Ahead/Behind: – 242

Tell me what you think!

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