The Raw 30 Post-Show

If you’ve been following along… you know what happened to me last night. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm. Shanghai noodles topped with chicken and a side of spring rolls. That’s what happened. Now, despite eating clean for a month, I actually didn’t have any negative repercussions take me down for diving off into the deep end. My body handled it just fine and I didn’t get sick. I did, however feel not just full, but heavy. It was like there was a ceramic bowl in my tummy after eating… or a cast-iron frying pan. I prefer the lightness of eating raw, to say the least.

As much as I love cooked food, I don’t think I can quite go back to the way things were before this challenge. I felt too good eating raw to just let that fall to the wayside. That being said, I do fully intend on eating a raw breakfast and lunch on most days, but will be having cooked meals for supper. Hopefully, in this way, I’ll have a nice balance of two things I enjoy a lot. Sort of like having it all, right?

So, that’s it for The Raw 30. Don’t get down in the dumps, though, because I’ll be back at it with a new challenge starting March 2nd.

Raw Day 30: That’s a…. Wrap!

Breakfast: ½ cantaloupe

Lunch: Smoothie – 3 frozen bananas; 3 pieces of chocolate

Supper: 1 cucumber; 1 piece of salmon gravlax; 1 chocolate

So it has come down to this. The final day. The big finale. The last hurrah. Okay, first let me just apologize for the pun in the title. I didn’t even have a wrap today…


It’s been an adventure all right – from soaring highs, to fierce tummy-troll lows – but I’m proud to say I made it. I used the food processor more than I ever thought I would. I’ve been hungrier than I ever thought I could. And I’ve been happier than I maybe, possibly should. I dreamt of pasta and I salivated over eggs. I stood a little taller and I felt a lot better… I had one heck of a journey. So let me give you the run down:

Energy: It increased throughout, with some very dramatic gains at times. I also felt more excitement before games when it came to sports and greater strength during the games. There were also days when my energy was lower, but it would usually pick up again after I ate.

Confidence: This was a huge area of improvement for me. I felt a lot better about myself and as the days went on, I began to feel more and more like I could do anything. It also helped foster the feeling that I was someone who mattered… even though that really doesn’t seem like something that would be related to food!

Self-Image: This category goes hand-in-hand with confidence. This challenge sky-rocketed my self-image. I felt healthier, I was eating better, and I was proving I could do whatever I put my mind to. Again, I felt important. Even when the image in the mirror didn’t look noticeably different, the process of eating so healthy had the biggest impact on my mental well-being and I felt better about how I looked.

Weight: As is to be expected the needle on the scale dropped. Oh, who am I kidding? This is the 21st century. The digital number on the scale dropped 12.5 pounds in the 30 days with no extra exercise outside of my regular sports commitments.

Mood: Much more light and care-free. I was able to shrug off incidents easier rather than let them weigh on me, although it was not so for the entire process. As with everything, there was a certain amount of fluctuating, but the overall trend was towards greater happiness and general well-being. I would occasionally get little flashes of anger, though they would dissipate very quickly. And when I was hungry (you know the kind… hungry hungry) I could be a feisty little demon, but again, I would recover quickly once I put some food in my empty cavern of a stomach. Overall, my mood got better with each day as I learned how to eat, how to not let myself get out-of-control hungry, and as I succeeded each day.

Hunger: About 2/3 of the way through my body finally figured out what was happening to it and I didn’t have any more monstrous days. I still needed to eat regularly and meal-missing was a definite no-no, but otherwise it wasn’t really a problem by the end.

Cravings: These fluctuated fairly consistently, with the last couple of days being pretty intense. When I take on a challenge and set the parameters I generally don’t think about what else could be and, instead, focus on the task at hand – which allowed me to put most thoughts of cooked food out of my head so the cravings weren’t really too difficult to navigate in the thick of the challenge. The dangerous times were when I was hungry and the smells of delicious cooked food were wafting to my olfactory cells. With the last couple of days, however, I believe it was knowing that I was near the end so I could let myself start thinking about cooked food again… which very nearly did me in!

Despite the general positive vibe all of the above gives off, I don’t want to leave you with any illusions. This was a hard challenge. It took a lot of dedication to see it through to the end, despite all of the benefits I received along the way. I always had to be prepared – to run out of food was disastrous. I had to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. I had to be strong-willed and give up all of my favourite foods (though I now have a few new favourites.) I had to learn how to eat in a new way because, really, it’s still kind of an odd thing to eat 3 bananas in a sitting or an entire cucumber or half a cantaloupe.

Although I may have known that what you eat impacts every aspect of your well-being, I didn’t fully appreciate what that means. Having done this challenge, I can easily say your life will be better if you eat better. Significantly so.

Raw Day 29: Monotony Strikes!

Breakfast: ½ cantaloupe

Lunch: Salad – 1 head of romaine, 1 tomato, ½ red pepper, 1 avocado, 1 c. walnuts, 1 c. sun-dried tomatoes, cilantro,

Supper: 1 piece salmon gravlax; 1 c. of leftover salad; 1 chocolate from V-day

Well, well, well. Here we are on the penultimate day of the Raw 30 Challenge. That clock is ticking down, my stomach is grumbling and there’s a bit of sadness in the air. It feels like I just started this challenge last week and already I’m shutting that door. Oh, how I hate goodbyes…

Now, I will admit that my excitement is waning, but that’s only because I’ve hit a rut of monotony. Will it be the smoothie, salad or gravlax? The odds are good – 1 in 3 chance you’ll guess right! Ah, but seriously, more variation would be wonderful, but that takes time and more expansive ingredient lists. I’ve always been a big fan of simple recipes with few ingredients that don’t take very long to prepare. So that has really made this challenge, well, that much more challenging for me. If I had a chef loitering in my kitchen, willing to make me whatever my heart desired, well then this raw food thing would be a lot more long-term plausible for me.

For those of you who’ve been following along and think you want to embark on this lifestyle of eating raw, there are a few things I’d like to say to you. First, those who eat this way choose it for many reasons. Find what yours are and then adapt it to those reasons. Lots of people who eat raw, don’t do it 100% of the time, so if you’re on a mission to just eat better, don’t let a cooked meal get you down. Some people are hard and fast “only-raw” eaters, some are 2/3 raw, and others just eat however they want. You decide how you want to do it.

Also, there is the idea that raw food means none of the nutrients have been cooked away and, while this may be true, it’s also been said that raw food people generally feel so much healthier not necessarily because of the uncooked aspect, but because of the huge amount of fruits and veggies in their diet. Think about it. If you’re entire diet is made up of 95% fruits and vegetables, then you’re going to be one healthy person!

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to try something if you’re interested in it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone does. (The first time I tried to go vegetarian, I failed after 6 days!) If you need some encouragement, just drop me a note!


Raw Day 28: Fear, Uncertainty, and… Pride

Breakfast: Smoothie – 1 c. spinach, 1 banana, 6 strawberries, 1 c. frozen fruit, 1 c. pineapple

Afternoon: 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds; 1 piece of raw chocolate

Supper: 1 piece of arctic char gravlax, 1 tsp. diced onion; Smoothie – 2 frozen bananas; 1/8 c. cucumber

I’m going to keep the update relatively short today because I have a treat for all of you who have been following along with me. So let’s get down to business. I had a productive day doing half a winter’s worth of recycling and felt pretty good most of the day. Today, I also finally really understood all of those Snickers commercials. You know the ones: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Well, I was pretty hungry having missed lunch and got fairly short-tempered until I finally put some goodness in my belly at supper-time and got back to normal. And now…

You’ve been hearing about my adventure into raw food, but now I want to take a step back and give you the perspective of someone who just dipped their toes in for 1 meal. Below you’ll find my dining companion’s account making that scrumptious meal I had yesterday:

“It began shrouded in fear and uncertainty.

Considering the amount of pleasure I get from eating a good meal, and that V-Day is one of those dipped-in-chocolate holidays, I couldn’t be sure how this year’s day of romance would add up.

While I began referring to my Valentine fondly as ‘my raw Valentine,’ I was doubtful the day would be as cute as that little catch-phrase sounded.

I googled ‘raw food suppers’ in preparation; as much as I dislike adhering to recipes, my creative thinking in the realm of raw food is made up of single words and whole fruits – banana, apple, mango.

I discovered ‘raw food extravaganza pizza.’ Perfect. My valentine’s favourite food as a raw foodie is sun-dried tomatoes, and an entire layer of the four-layer endeavour was sun-dried tomatoes.

It took about an hour-and-a-half, with about a third of that time dedicated to washing and re-washing the food processor, which I have an entirely new level of respect for. What was once essentially a tool for quick garlic crushing, became the Little Loud Machine of Wonder – I watched in awe as it transformed cashews and lemon juice into ‘cheese,’ cashews and basil and salt into a malleable ‘crust’ and pulverized sun-dried tomatoes and raw honey into a sauce that rivals its cooked counterparts.

With each layer spooned onto the next, I felt a little more pride, but the ultimate reward was when I put our plates onto the table and my raw Valentine’s face lit up with happiness.

After eating it, I understood what my valentine keeps referring to as, ‘full, but not full.’

‘Do I need another supper?’ I asked myselt afterwards. I didn’t… for two and a half hours.”

A big thanks to my dining companion for recounting the experience for you all here on Exit Sideways and, of course, another big thank you for the delicious meal I got to scarf down in ecstasy.

Raw Day 27: The Triumphs and Failures of Valentine’s Day

Breakfast: Smoothie – 1.5 c. spinach, 7 strawberries, 1 banana, 1 c. frozen fruit, 1.5 c. pineapple

Early Afternoon: 3 pieces of raw chocolate

Late Afternoon: 3 pieces of raw chocolate; 1 cucumber

Supper: PIZZA! – cashew and basil crust, sun-dried tomato and raw honey sauce, cashew cheese, and diced red pepper, cilantro, yellow tomatoes, black olives, and red onion in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice and honey; 1 glass of wine; 1 chocolate

You might think Valentine’s Day is about love, but you would be wrong. It’s about the chocolate. Think about it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a sweetie to hold tight, you’re rockin’ a solo v-day or you’re gathering up your friends to have an anti-valentine’s day – you’re going to be downing some chocolate. The stores all seem to have aisles spilling with boxes upon boxes of chocolates and after you walk past a few, you’ll eventually reach out and grab a heart-shaped box full of your favourite cocoa-infused treats not necessarily because you care about it being February 14th, but because you simply want chocolate.

Now, just because I’m eating raw that didn’t mean I would miss out on the chocolate. Nope. I was given the gift of homemade raw chocolate made with coconut oil, raw cacao powder, and maple syrup.

It made me weak in the knees.

Earlier in the day, I decided to treat my dining companion to breakfast in bed. So I was hunkered down over the stove flipping eggs, stirring hash browns, slicing cheese, and toasting bread. It was a bit agonizing to say the least. As the cheese started to melt and the hash browns started to crisp up in a pool of melted butter I very nearly drooled over the whole endeavor. I did, however, stick to my guns, but the rest of the day was spent with some serious cooked food cravings and I’m ready for the end of the Raw Thirty.

(Later) I have to retract that last sentence as I wrote it before supper. My dining companion hit the kitchen hard, whipping up a whole whack of amazing for supper. Yesiree, that “pizza” was incredibly fresh-tasting, had the perfect mix of ingredients and I was flabbergasted that it was all done for me. I certainly felt special, but let me be a little honest and put this into perspective for you: I didn’t mention something earlier about breakfast. You see, I didn’t notice, but the bread happened to have, well, mold. Just a little. That my dining companion ate. For Valentine’s Day.

So. I got an amazingly fresh and delicious raw pizza while my dining companion got mold. Happy Valentine’s Day to all…