Past Challenges

Click the links below for the rules and overview of each challenge, or click on the “post classifications” links on the right side of the page for all of the posts that detail each journey as I was on it.

Mind Over Mushroom Challenge

The Chin-Up Challenge

The Frozen 31 Challenge

The Raw 30 Challenge

52 Books, 1 Year Challenge

The Vegan 3 Challenge

Each challenge is a cold turkey endeavor with a hard and fast start date. The end date, however, is negotiable. You see, every challenge is one that makes me a better person or does something good for others and when the clock countdown hits zero, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve hit ground zero on betterment. These challenges linger because they usually change my life – sometimes in small ways and sometimes in bigger ways.

If you’ve challenged yourself and you’ve hit your deadline, but you like what you see, then keep going or take bits and pieces of your experience and have them be your new normal. The journey will teach you things you’ve never known before. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

Tell me what you think!

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