Frozen Day 3: On The Job Clocking

Temperature: -28.9 degrees Celsius

Feels Like: -34 degrees Celsius

Wind: North 5 km/hr

Today feels like a cheat day. Not because I’m even further behind, but because I got to log over 2 hours during work hours. I have to say it was somewhat of a god send. I’m learning that to fall behind is much more of a serious infraction each day. Like any hole, the deeper it’s depth, the harder it is to climb out of it. But, you know… this is Day Three. Day Three.


The two hours plus passed by quickly as I was busy working even though I had some inadequate coverage on my feet and was doing the foot shuffle trying to keep my toes warm. This morning I hadn’t taken the time to choose wisely when it came to socks. Instead of a pair of toasty warms, I chose some thin lizzies. Now, to the above left you’ll see what my work site was for the morning. Not too bad. Not too bad at all. I’ve said it a bunch of times, but up here it’s just different.

So. I clocked my hours, got my work done and was able to have a nice, relaxing evening in – which I needed.

After the hullabaloo of the weekend, my body went down the tube and allowed sickness to creep in. So be prepared for some whiny posts over the next few days. I’m a supreme baby when I get a cold. And I’m not ashamed to say that I want my Mom to come take care of me every time even though I am a grown woman. I’m sure you get it. Moms just make everything better. Unfortunately, I’ve lived more than a road or two away from my family for some time so I haven’t gotten that Mom Magic to make everything all better in years. My chicken noodle soup just isn’t the same.

To recap, I’m still behind a bit, but I’m optimistic on banking a number of hours soon. I’ve always preferred to be ahead rather than scrambling to catch up. Sometimes it happens, though, and you just have to roll with the punches until you’re back on top.

Time: 9:34 am – 11:57 am

Today’s Minutes: 143

Total Challenge Minutes: 334/3720

Ahead/Behind: Behind by 26 minutes

The Frozen 31 Reveal

There comes a time every year in the season of cold, snow and ice where that extra layer of clothing feels like it’s really weighing you down, your anxiety heightens with each block you walk without falling, and you just might lose it if your car refuses to start one more time. You’re ready for the end to say the least.

And though April really isn’t that far away, March can be a rough month in Yellowknife. Which, for those of you who don’t know, is in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The wind comes up and Mother Nature usually likes to slap you with one last reminder that she’ll be back in just a few short months – so don’t get too comfortable.

While we are generally an adventurous bunch up here – each of us adapting to the elements – some of us also find we’re more often cuddled up on the couch rather than outside. Office workers can be especially outdoors-deprived, spending their working hours hunched over a desk and their off hours kicking back at home, running errands or fulfilling commitments that keep them shielded from those precious rays that boost their vitamin D levels and that keep them from drinking in all that fresh air. Couple this with a diminished number of daylight hours in the deep of winter and many people’s moods start to plummet.

I’m an office dweller myself and I’m also one of those people that has spent more time indoors this winter than I’d care to admit. So, for the month of March, I will be spending the equivalent of 2 hours outside per day for 31 days. Take a gander at the Current Challenge page for all the rules and info.

I know, I know. For all of you who work outside (or far south) all day this seems like peanuts; however, the combo of a desk job, commitments, and what can be the blistering cold of Canada’s north make it a challenge to not just take on the cold, but to make the time to get out there.

Now, this isn’t all about just getting outside and reaping the benefits of fresh air, exploring and owning the cold. Nope, it goes a bit farther than that. You see, I can choose to stay indoors, protected from the elements. Others can’t. Due to the hours that homeless shelters have in Yellowknife, there is a gap where homeless men don’t have a warm place to be. In the evening, this gap is two hours; in the morning, it’s one hour. While the experience will be undeniably different as this is a reality of life for others and only a challenge for me, it’s an opportunity to put in the time to better understand what those two hours mean for those who have to endure them.

I hope this challenge will show the good that spending time outside does for a person, but even more so, I hope it will help put just one basic aspect of homelessness into perspective.

The Frozen 31 starts March 1st. Updates are posted the next day.

Raw Day 17: No Soup For You!

Breakfast: ½ cantaloupe

Lunch: Smoothie – 2 bananas, 1 c. pineapple, ¾ c. spinach, some water

Dinner: Pasta – 2 zucchini; Sauce – 1 red pepper, 1 tomato, 2/3 c. sun-dried tomatoes, 6 basil leaves, 3 garlic cloves, 1/3 c. yellow onion, salt, pepper; also snacked on a handful of walnuts

These are the hot chocolate days of winter. The city is in the minus 30s and getting slapped with minus 45 wind chill and as I trudge to work and back I’m dreaming of the long-lost days of hot soup. You know, those days where you throw every vegetable known to mankind in a crock pot, go to work, and when you come back you have a steaming bowl of soup – with a mouth-watering aroma to guide you in for safe landing – waiting for you. Sigh.

The last couple of days have definitely been more of a struggle. I ate about half of my pasta and then stopped because I just wasn’t getting any enjoyment from it. The sauce was actually really good, but all I was picturing was it slathered all over a plate of cooked spaghetti. I did pick up my bowl and finish it though, but it was more so because I knew I needed to instead of that I wanted to. So… here’s to tomorrow!