Mind Over Mushroom Challenge, Day 13: A Blessing & A Blight

I have been called strong-willed. I have been called stubborn. Belligerent. Difficult. Persistent. Tenacious. Headstrong. Bull-headed.

I have been called all of these things (mostly by my mother) – I am a Capricorn after all. While these traits can be both a disadvantage and a blessing, I had expected them to be detrimental to me this time around. On one hand, it is this stubborn streak in me that has lent to my success in multiple challenges, but on the other it also meant that I would have to use that same stubbornness to overcome… my own stubbornness. Basically I’m a dog trying to catch my tail here.

It is my own bull-headedness that has grown my lifelong disgust and refusal to eat mushrooms. And now, I am attempting to break down that steadfast stubbornness so that I overcome this fungi related food aversion. But. It is precisely my innate stubborn persistence to succeed that will help me to do this. Wrap your head around that. Like fighting fire with fire. Except that cliché is always used to say that you can’t fight fire with fire – you just end up with a bigger fire. Only that’s wrong. You can fight fire with fire. It’s a forest fire fighting technique that doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface, but can work.

Right now, I’m putting out the fire.

That’s how it seems. I refuse to get too cocky as I still have the more intense meals to get through yet, but with today’s meal it seems like I’ve broken my food aversion will. It’s not quite success. It’s more of a resigned Welp. Another day, another mushroom. Because I have to eat them every day, I’ve been wearing down that high-strung keep that damn fungus away from me! tendency. My stubbornness to maintain this challenge through to the end seems to be triumphing over my belligerent refusal to eat mushrooms… A blessing and a blight.

Now, a little bit about the actual food from Tortilla meal with mushroomstoday. My meal was… tortilla stuff. Fancy right? It was a tasty meal. I ate the mushrooms in my resigned, mechanical way – neither enjoying them nor overwhelmingly hating them and day 13 came to an anti-climatic end.

Today’s Fungus Feast:

Tortilla Stuff – white button mushrooms, corn tortillas, red, orange and yellow peppers, garlic, white onion, and green enchilada sauce